NFL Player Benefits Office  |  800-638-3186

The NFL Player Benefits Office provides administration services for the following collectively bargained benefit plans: Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan, NFL Player Supplemental Disability Plan, NFL Player Second Career Savings Plan, NFL Player Annuity Program and the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan. By calling 1-800-638-3186 or logging onto, players can get information regarding which benefits they are eligible to receive, the amount of the benefit, and when and how they can receive the benefits they have earned. The Plan Office has customer service agents who are trained to help you understand and apply for your NFL benefits. They can also answer general questions regarding other collectively bargained benefits that are not administered by the Plan Office and direct players to other resources and benefits available through the NFL or the NFLPA.

 Available to you unless otherwise specified:
Generally, 3 Credited Seasons “vests” an Active Player. All the following benefit plans may be available to you as a Vested Active Player. Benefits may have different eligibility and qualification rules, and contribution amounts may vary depending upon when the Plan was established, the eligible Player’s number of Credited Seasons and when they were earned.

  • Medicare Benefit
    The NFL Former Player Life Improvement Plan currently pays $120 per month towards the premium for coverage under a Medicare supplement program and this amount increases to $140 on April 1, 2014. This benefit is available to any player vested in a retirement benefit under the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan who is age 65 or older and who also has both Medicare Parts A and B coverage.  To obtain this benefit, a Player must enroll in one of the selected AARP Medicare Supplement Plan choices, underwritten by United HealthCare Insurance Company. Information regarding the available options is sent to an eligible Player shortly before his 65th birthday.

  • Disability Plans
    Three types of benefits based on your disability condition: Total & Permanent Disability, Line of Duty Disability and Neurocognitive Disability.  Each benefit has different qualification rules and amounts available for these categories.

  • 88 Plan (Diagnosis of Dementia, ALS, and/or Parkinsons)
    Established in honor of former NFL Players Association President, John Mackey, founded by Sylvia Mackey.  Provides Vested Players benefits for health care relating to dementia. The plan may reimburse or pay for certain health care costs related to dementia, ALS and/or Parkinson’s disease, upon diagnosis. Eligible players can receive up to $130,000 in 2016 annually for in-patient care at an eligible institution, or up to $118,000 annually for in-home care.  To learn more and obtain forms for the 88 Plan, call the Player Benefits Administration Office or visit

  • Legacy Benefit for Pre-1993 Players
    Under the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NFL and NFLPA invested $620,000,000 to increase retirement benefits for players who were in the NFL prior to 1993. These players receive an additional monthly payment along with their pension as part of that agreement.


NFL Player Care Foundation  |  800-635-4625
The Player Care Foundation (PCF) is an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life. The PCF provides retired players assistance in two major areas: financial grants and our Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program. Assistance includes:  Basic living expenses, including transportation and utilities. Shelter and housing, including rental and mortgage assistance, and assisted living facilities fees and expenses. Ongoing quality of life expenses such as prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, nursing care, and medical treatment. Medically-necessary joint replacement surgeries approved by the NFL Player Care Plan and related post-operative rehabilitation, including incidental fees and expenses.

  • Healthy Body & Mind Screening
    The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) is proud to partner with the NFL Alumni Association and one of the nation’s premier medical providers ‐Tulane University School of Medicine ‐to conduct its Healthy Body and Mind Screening program. This FREE national screening program is open to all former NFL players and includes a series of cardiovascular and prostate screenings and mental health resources and education. With consent from players participating in screenings, clinical information gathered will be used for important research initiatives that may lead to advances that improve the lives of NFL retirees.  NFL Player Care Foundation screenings are offered as part of PCF’s research programs, which help to advance public awareness and scientific understanding of health issues that affect former NFL players. Please call 954-639-4584 for additional information on this program.
  • Neurological Care
    Added to the Player Care Plan in March 2010, the NFL Neurological Care Program has neurological specialists available at five medical centers to evaluate and treat possible neurological conditions among retired players. The program will assist players with coordinated care at excellent healthcare facilities nationwide. Each center will have a team of specialists available to retired NFL players, led by a neurologist who will serve as a program director. Eligible players who cannot afford treatment may apply to the NFL Player Care Foundation for a grant to cover some or all of the costs of treatment. To learn more, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.
  • NFL Health Care Hotline
    The NFL Healthcare Hotline is a free telephone service that connects former players to a trained Customer Service Advocate (CSA). These CSAs are on call from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM to answer questions regarding NFL player benefits and can help players maximize the health insurance options available to them under the Affordable Care Act. For more information on the hotline program and the new Affordable Care Act, you may log onto or contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.
  • NFL Joint Replacement Program
    The NFL Joint Replacement Program provides medical and financial resources to retired players who are uninsured or lack the financing to have joint replacement surgery.The Plan provides the Basic Benefit to any Eligible Player. If you are covered by insurance, the Basic Benefit is the lesser of (i) $5,250 or (ii) your co-insurance for health care items or services directly related to your surgery, such as your co-pays, provided the expense was incurred within one year of your surgery. If your surgery was performed before October 1, 2009, the $5,250 benefit was $5,000.


    If a player is not covered by insurance and does not have the means to pay for this surgery, he may qualify for financial assistance from the NFL Player Care Foundation. In that case, he will not bear any of the costs associated with the surgery as long as the surgery is at one of several specially designated facilities. In addition, most normal complications arising from surgery are covered in full, up to a maximum of $250,000.

    For more information regarding the Joint Replacement Benefit Program or to receive an application, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.

  • NFL Life Line
    In 2012, the National Football League provided a grant to establish the NFL Life Line for members of the NFL family—current and former NFL players, coaches, team and league staff, and their family members, who may be in crisis. The NFL Life Line is a free, confidential and independently operated resource that connects callers with trained counselors who can help individuals work through any personal or emotional crisis. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To be connected with a counselor, individuals can simply call 800-506-0078 or
  • Spine Treatment Program
    The Spine Treatment Program provides facilitated access to five premier medical centers specializing in spine care to ensure that retired players seeking evaluation and possible treatment of their spine receive top-flight care.  Created in June 2009, the program will assist players with coordinated care at excellent healthcare facilities nationwide. Each hospital provides an orthopedic spine surgeon who serves as a program director and coordinates the services of a team of healthcare professionals in the evaluation and, if warranted, treatment of eligible former players. Eligible players who cannot afford treatment may apply to the NFL Player Care Foundation for a grant to cover some or all of the costs of treatment.  To learn more, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.
  • Discount Prescription Program
    Eligible former players and their dependents are offered a Discount Prescription Drug Card for discounts on prescription medication at over 57,000 pharmacies participating in Cigna’s network, including all major chains. To learn more, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.
  • Vested Inactive Life Insurance
    The Life Insurance Benefit is available to all vested, inactive players who have not yet reached age 55 and have not yet retired under the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan. Each eligible player has term life insurance in an amount equal to $20,000 plus $2,000 for each Credited Season in excess of the eligible player’s vesting number, up to a maximum of 15. The maximum Life Insurance Benefit is $50,000. To learn more, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.
  • Assisted Living Benefit
    Preferred access and possible discounts to assisted living facilities. To learn more, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.
  • Enhanced Assessment & Counseling
    Two free visits with a psychiatrist.  To learn more, please contact the Benefits Administrator at 800-635-4625.


The Trust – NFLPA   |   866-725-0063

The Trust, powered by the NFLPA, provides transitioning football players with the support they need to ensure their success off the field and in life. Call 866-725-0063 or visit for more information.

  • Brain & Body Assessments
    The Brain & Body Assessment is a set of screenings and tests designed for the former player who has played in the league in the past 15 years. Brain & Body Assessments are provided by several leading health institutions located all around the country. The Trust has assembled a team of highly regarded medical centers. Each has direct experience in treating NFL players and is committed to helping them develop and maintain a healthy brain and body.  Each partner will also provide a recommendation containing a plan of action that each player can follow in his home community.
  • Milestone Wellness Assessment
    The Milestone Wellness Assessment (MWA) is designed to assess the health needs of former players who have been removed from the NFL for 15 or more years. Eligible former players can take advantage of this comprehensive health assessment administered by a team of highly regarded medical partners.  The participating medical partners will provide an eligible former player with recommendations containing a plan of action that the former player can follow to ensure continuity of care within his home community.
  • Cigna EAP
    Counseling can be very useful in providing a confidential setting where one can engage in dialogue with a licensed professional to obtain the much-needed tools to navigate everyday life. Counseling also helps people to set relevant goals and gain coping skills to navigate everyday life.  Cigna has partnered with the NFL to provide players (active and former) and their families 8 sessions of counseling visits per issue through the Player Counseling and Assistance Program.
  • Scholarship Award
    Benefit Degree completion and vocational training are critical opportunities for a successful transition for Former Players, which is why The Trust’s education program includes a scholarship award benefit for meeting those goals.

    The Trust awards scholarships to eligible Former Players so they may obtain degrees at educational organizations, vocational institutions, technical programs and professional licensing programs. Such programs must adhere to the Qualifying Programs Guidelines.

Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA)  |  703-415-1500
Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA) is the first independent and court established retired NFL player organization, exclusively designed to develop programs and benefits for the betterment of retired NFL players. PFRPA oversees the Greater Good Fund, its 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, which is specifically designed to develop health, welfare and educational programs for retired NFL players.


  • Dental Plan
    In April 2017, PFRPA began notifying and enrolling members in the first-ever dental insurance program for its members, retired players that effectively retired by July 2013. The PFRPA Dental Plan, which is administered by MetLife, offers unprecedented coverage for retired players and their spouses.
  • Vision Plan
    The PFRPA Vision Plan, administered by VSP Vision Care, is available exclusively for PFRPA members. We offer retired NFL players access to the best in eye care and eyewear with this unprecedented coverage through the VSP Choice network