The Intensive Wellness Program (IWP) is designed specifically for those who come from highly demanding work environments.

Leaders, legends, and heroes, have honed skills that are difficult to apply to other aspects of life, and so this program is designed to create a pathway toward integration. These high performing individuals also rarely have more than a week to get away, so we’ve created this IWP with that in mind.



From their initial call, Veterans, Athletes and their families are greeted with a warm, caring life care manager who takes their initial info and then has them speak to our Staff Psychologist for an extensive assessment of current needs, both medical and psychological.


Through partnerships with major medical specialists, we have expedited access to the best treatment available, including behavioral and mental health, TBI, PTSD, addiction, preventative health and ortho reconstructions. We provide travel assistance if travel is required, and often cover costs that fall outside insurance or Medicare coverage. Each individual is unique, so care is taken to source the best treatment available for that individual’s need. This can often include finding local resources for those who can’t travel.


After medical and/or psychological treatment, clients are given a customized aftercare plan that is discussed with the client & family. Goals are determined with steps taken to implement and facilitate the recommendations provided by treatment partners. Our ATI Team checks in regularly with the Veterans, Athletes and their families to make sure they are still on track.


Only those who have been a professional athlete or veteran can understand the journey traveled with their brothers/teammates/leaders and family members. Transition into life is not an easy one, and the first few years are critical in this process. There are many in physical and mental health pain and feel they have nowhere to seek help. They need a resource that is safe, and a team of people to whom the person can relate.  This program is created to overcome the stigma of asking for help and providing a support group for those in need. For more information, contact Samantha  |  855-955-2843 ext 806.

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